Matching the right pegs to the right holes ...


T4Teachers, a major UK supply teacher and recruitment agency approached IdeasAnvil to develop a specialist data management system for them that would provide them with the necessary control over teachers and schools on their books and also give them a number of competitive advantages over other agencies.

The system was developed in Microsoft Access for use on the a network of Windows PCs. IdeasAnvil also developed a suite of remote management tools unique to this system including data recovery, backup and user management for use by an authorised staff member.

The system tracks in real time the operation of the agency and presents the information to the users of the system so that they are able to see how well they are doing week, by week and also how effective they are being at utilising the teachers and schools on their books.


The system has a number of features that allows the agency to provide a high quality and timely service to their clients, whilst also complying with legal requirements:


  • Automated (when required) matching of teachers to vacancies with adaptive matching algorithms
  • Automatic tracking of (and allowance for when matching) of public, school and teacher holidays, availability and sickness
  • Integration with the Post Office PAF database for postcode and location data
  • Tracking of all calls, documents (both physical and electronic) sent and received and automated document printing, faxing and emailing
  • Tie-in to the billing and payment systems
  • Automated on and off-site backup
  • Secure removable cryptographic key control of critical data
  • Secure control of data access from users.


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