Looking for expensive changes

We were asked to develop a special desktop application for a client of ours, Rockasphalte Ltd, a world-leader in structural and architectural waterproofing systems for the construction industry.


As part of any contract they are required to check a huge number of drawings – these drawings being generated internally but also coming from other contractors on a project, the main client and end users. Often these drawings contain many small variations and amendments – amendments which could mean they are exposed to significant cost and liability issues if they do not detect these changes.


To help them manage these documents we implemented a Sharepoint document management portal using Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0 and a unique document comparison desktop application.


The desktop application was written in .NET and communicated directly with the Sharepoint document portal using the web services exposed on the Sharepoint server.

The desktop application integrates custom image processing code which is used to analyse versions of drawings, either in PDF, image format or Word Doc format and then alert the user to variations between each version. Users are able to pan, zoom, rotate sections of each drawing and automatically scale and compare with the same section in the revision drawing.


  • Desktop upload/download direct to the Sharepoint. Document library with full pan, zoom, scale functions.
  • Automated image processing to detect drawing changes
  • Bulk upload of documents to Sharepoint library from the desktop.
  • Microsoft Outlook integration allowing for quick and easy collaboration with colleagues.

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